Which would a man rather date, a slim lady or one with full womanly curves?

Many women with lush, full bodies would normally expect that men would go for the slim flat-bellied ones, right?

Sorry, that’s not the case. Men are literally dying to have you!!!

Men like women who are natural and have a curvy figure, according to a study, originally published in The Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

The result of that study is in line with a poll recently conducted here on Pulse Relationships, where we asked guys to vote whether they would rather date a slim woman or go with plus-size babe.

They chose the latter.

It appears that women have a false impression about what men actually like.

This same study found that men also have a misconception about the bodies that women are attracted to in men.

In men’s minds, they need to be big and muscular, but, apparently, many women prefer the skinny guys.

What seems to matter to women, apart from the physique is a man’s personality and heart than their six-pack.