Tunde Pratt has taken Funmi Olukoya as his one and only; to love, cherish and hold dear, till their very last days... and the celebration of that promise was all shades of amazing!

The couple whose dreamy love tale began in 2010 got joined before their family and friends on January 21, 2017, with Alhaji Imam W.O Ismail, the wedding official of the day.

Oh! And we just have to talk about the couple's outfits, right?

Funmi's white dress was a pretty lacy ensemble which dropped just off her shoulder, with a sleeve that hugged her arms perfectly, and Tunde's white tux, black pants and wine-coloured bow tie served just as a perfect complement for the bride's lovely dress.

The reception was all about merriment, several dance moves, good food and reunion of friends... and it was all about Tunde and Funmi, who both looked rightly excited from start to finish.

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Alhaja Abeni Salawa was on hand to provide good music and the couple totally, totally owned the dance-floor before their friends further turned up the heat in the room by joining in the dance session, and increasing the fun.

There was also a moment of nostalgia as the groom invited his secondary school friends for a rendition of their alma mater's [Igbobi College] school anthem.

Tunde and Funmi's wedding was a true celebration of love in the Nigerian manner that we all love, and we at Pulse Weddings wish the couple all the best of marriage.

Happy married, life, #ThePratts2017!