There can be no debate about the negative effects of cheating in relationships.

Cheating on a partner or spouse is a terrible thing to do, especially if that partner is one who makes himself available all the time, who says and does all the right things, who is always there for you and never neglects his responsibilities as a lover.

No one would argue with the above, certainly.

But what happens if a partner does the direct opposite of the things listed above?

Does it become right to cheat on a partner who does not do what is expected of him/her in a relationship?

Is someone justified for cheating on a partner who cheats repeatedly and without remorse?

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How about if it’s a case of total neglect - both sexually and emotionally - does a partner become free of blame when he or she cheats under this circumstance?

The answer, according to Pulse readers, is NO.

Readers voted in a recent opinion poll to say that no matter what a partner does or refuses to do, cheating is wrong and unacceptable.

A 46.9% majority voted to say that “there’s never a justification for cheating” in the poll published hereon March 14, 2017.

However, 26.8% believe that if a partner has been denied of love, care and attention by a partner, he or she should be allowed to cheat in peace.

Another 17.9% believe that cheating should be permitted for a partner who has been denied sexual contact for “for too long” while a meagre 8.5% say that if one of the partners has been caught cheating, the other should be allowed to cheat in retaliation so as to balance everything out.