Marriage is supposed to be a good thing - one of those good things God himself created for two people who truly love each other to enjoy but to most of our readers, couples today live in complete misery because they lack love, trust, respect, good sex and understanding between themselves.

It's a fact that most young people get into marriages without fully understanding what marriage entails but if our mothers, who did same in the past could survive, how come the rate of divorces and/or separations and agony are all on a high level.

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Our readers suggest that this could be as result of lack of respect and understanding with the young generation. Majority insist that the popularity that domestic violence has gained over the recent years has highly affected the rate at which today's couples feel unloved in their relationships.

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Another school of thought claim the absence of good sex has resulted to most partners cheating on their spouses. Thus misery, frustration and perpetual loneliness in most marriages.

According to our poll we conducted few days ago, up to 69% of our readers agree that most couples are unhappy in their marriages while 31% say otherwise.