Pulse First Love: We found each other at an unlikely place

It was a clueless relationship but it was full of love. Childish love.

Pulse First Love - The Unlikely Love Episode

#PulseFirstLove is a weekly series that captures the emotions people felt, and the motions they went through the first time they tried being in a relationship.

The first of our #PulseFirstLove stories this April is told by a 23-year-old baby girl, whose first-ever relationship had her feelings all over the place. She says after falling in love and getting into a relationship with one of her good friends, she discovered that she had feelings for another one.

Tell me about the first time you wooed a babe

Well, for me I think it happened after my first relationship. The babe I dated then, we just befriended ourselves into the relationship, it was not like anyone toasted anyone. LOL. It was after that relationship ended that I’d say I asked a babe out for the first time.

And how did that go?

Well, it was in school and I had seen her face one or two times and thought she was attractive. Then, the third time I saw her was on one Sunday like this when she was coming back from fellowship and I just summoned courage and chatted her up. She was nice and I ended up with her phone number. That was how we met and then we eventually dated.

So that was your second relationship, yes?


How about the first one, how did that one come about?

Oh. This one is actually very interesting and I remember it with such fondness.

I’m excited to hear it already.

Lol. So when I was a teenager, I became so preoccupied with football. I would play and play and then watch as many games as I could. We didn’t have cable TV in our house then, but there was this popular viewing center that my uncle [who was living with us at the time] would take me to every time. We were ManUnited fans. Still are, actually.

Oh nice. I am, too. Now I’m even more interested in this story.

LMAO. United for life man

For life. So, go on

Yes. That viewing center was popular and so many people used to come around on game days and nights. One time like that, one man came with his daughter who was about my age, and sat beside me and my uncle. The man was a United fan too and his daughter was learning to love the team as well. As the match progressed, he and my uncle were gisting about the game. You know that viewing center vibe. Then we scored and everyone hugged everybody and high-fived everybody. LOL. It was such an electric thing. That was how we became viewing center friends, the four of us.

Football, man.

I’m telling you! After about three weeks of meeting at football matches, you would think the man and my uncle had been friends forever. They exchanged numbers, the man would stop by our house so we’d all go watch the game together and all that. And of course, I and the girl started talking too. That was how we actually became cool.

Oh wow. This is actually one helluva story. I love to see it.

I’m telling you. Even I still laugh about it to date. It’s so cute.

So tell me how romance entered this equation

Ok. So as my uncle and the man were bonding over football their talks moved to other things from politics to marriage and all that stuff. I and the girl too were bonding over other things apart from football. Music, for instance. We both liked Kizz Daniel, Tiwa Savage, and Adekunle Gold especially so that was easy for us to laugh and talk about. Of course, that kind of thing wouldn’t go unnoticed by her pops and my uncle so they used to taunt us. I remember her dad always told my uncle that “if this your brother [referring to me of course] wants to marry my daughter, you people will pay plenty money oh,” and we would laugh and laugh about it. But yeah, I had started liking her like crazy at this point.

Aww. So cute. How did you now tell her?

It was a bit difficult, considering the fact that I did not use to see her unless her father was around. But we’d exchanged numbers somehow and we would text each other occasionally. Harmless stuff, really. More like, have you seen so and so music video? Have you downloaded this and that song? Just random stuff. But luck smiled on me when her dad traveled one time and my uncle was not around as well so she and I were at the viewing center alone for two matches. That was when I was now like, you know people have always called us husband and wife, maybe we should kuku do as they said. LMAO. I know that was lame.

What did she say though?

She was just laughing but she texted me when she got home asking if I really liked her and I said yes. So that was it. We became a couple.

Hahaha. Best in toasting

I mean. It’s mindblowing to think that that was how I pulled my first babe but the game is the game.

LMAO. How was the relationship?

It lasted only about 2 months and it was just as you could have imagined it. Clueless and full of childish love. We texted more and looked forward to the matches more eagerly. I mean, we were always talking about the future, what we would become. She wanted to be a doctor and I thought I was going to be a mechanical engineer. Also, Anytime our hands or even legs touched during the games, it used to feel so damn good. Like, my body responded to her like mad. Raging teenage hormones. And occasionally we’d talk about sex. I remember telling her that I’d like to kiss her. She didn’t take that well sha. She was all ‘no-sex-till-marriage’ and ‘you know that that is a sin against God’, so I killed the thought. But she brought it up the next time we saw and then became all weird when I told her that I had kissed a girl, and in fact, had sex before.

Ooooh. For real?

Yeah. For real. And it was a bit confusing because as repulsed as she seemingly felt about it, she always wanted to talk about it. I think the idea of sex was fascinating to her and she was very curious to know, but the act itself was off-limits based on what her parents must have told her.

Sounds about right. How did the breakup come about?

We broke up the same way the relationship started. They got their cable TV and stopped coming around to the viewing center. Since that was the only way to see her, we just drifted off. Even the texting slowly faded. At some point, we ran into each other on the road and there was nothing to say. We just pretended to not know each other.


I know.

Going from romance to ignoring each other. How did that feel?

Weird, really. But I didn’t know what to say or how it might have been taken if I had said anything. But in my mind then, I didn’t like it. It felt hollow and sad but like I said, I didn’t even know what to do. Guess it was the inexperience.

And what’s your love life like these days?

I’m dating someone. We’ve been together for 2 years.

Tell me something that's different in how you love now compared to your first relationship

Ah. For one, 10 years has passed since that first relationship and obviously there have been few relationships, multiple talking stages and other affairs in between, so I'd say I have more experiences as well. I know how to handle more relationship situations than I did back then, I also understand myself better and all that. It's a continuous journey but I've moved up several miles since 10 years ago.


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