Engaged couple Andrew Ziroli and Patricia Forrest were not concerned about taking the perfect pre-wedding photos so they decided to do something different instead.

Ziroli and Forrest decided to shoot retro-inspired pre-wedding photos with oversize reading glasses, awkward dress and a fake mustache to complete the look.

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"We had always wanted to do something like this, so we went to the thrift store and found our 'personas,the characters just kind of developed from there."

"Andrew surprised me because he usually hates getting his picture taken," she added. "But as soon as he put on that mustache, the rest was history, " bride-to-be Patricia told The Huffington Post.

As expected the shots turned out to be awkward in a goofy kind of way. Surprisingly they received lots of positive reviews from family, friends and people who had seen them on the internet.

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"I got so many comments saying they made people's days, I think they're actually a lot funnier when you know us!"

And much to Mom's delight, they made sure to get a few "normal" photos too.

"I posted them as two separate albums on Facebook and nobody really cared about the normal ones while the other album exploded!" she said. "My mom's definitely glad we got them though," the bride continued.