A Ghanaian couple Felicia Sam and David Nartey decided not to let the bad weather ruin their joy, so they decided to turn it into their favour.

Over the weekend, it was announced there was going to be a snowstorm and everyone should stay indoors. But the Northeastern couple used the blizzard as an opportunity to take some awesome shots.

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Sam and Nartey took the rare chance along with their photographer, Dotun Ayodeji, to take some amazing engagement photos in the snow which would later go viral.

The couple drove half an hour early Friday evening for Fort Meade, Maryland, ABC news reports.

"We were like kids playing in the snow. We threw snowballs at each other. We actually had a lot of fun," the couple told ABC about the chilly weather.

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Looks like the couple have a thing for terrible weathers, as David revealed that he proposed to Felicia right before October's 2015 Hurricane Joaquin.

The results of their boldness paid off as the pre-wedding photos taken were pretty awesome.