Dear Bukky,

Good afternoon ma'am, I am a lady of 27 years. Yoruba by tribe, plump.

I have problem in the kind of men proposing marriage to me. I hardly find a single guy. Men coming my way are usually married men with kids. Please I need an advice on what to do.


Dear reader,

Do nothing other than turning down their advances. It’s as simple as that. There isn’t really so much you can do apart from that.

No matter how many times they come, no matter how many times they ask you, you should know better than giving them a chance. If they are married, engaged or dating, just keep turning them down. And I think I should add here that this has nothing to do with you. It should not make you feel any type of way. The right guy for you is coming. Hold your head up and do not compromise.

Having said that, let me add that there is no point being desperate for a relationship or giving off a vibe that you are dying to be in a relationship. You attract every Tom, Dick and Harry that way. Live your best life, exercise well, eat healthy, make friends, look good, do things that make you happy, excite yourself, read books, go out and just lead a happy fulfilled life for yourself. Really, when you fill your mind with work and get busy with living your best life, you hardly have time to think you are single and you also become extra attractive that way, too.


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