Having your wedding during the rainy season can be quite challenging in Lagos, this is because there are no reliable weather forecasts and even the few available forecasters are not followed by most Nigerians.

Hence, if you are having your wedding with the months of April and October, it is mandatory to consider the possibilities of rain.

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The rain should never stop a special day like your wedding, so, you have to beat the rain to its game. See below five important tips that would guide you through a 'rainy season' wedding.

1 Avoid an outdoor wedding: For the sake of your decor and the guests, opt for and indoor wedding. Event centres over the years have doubled in numbers in Lagos, with over 25 centres per local government area.

Remember a 'drench' guest is an angry one.

2. Have a pair of rubber 'Cinderella' shoes: It is rainy, you don't want to spoil your 'glass' shoes. As an African bride, you might need to move from one end of the venue to the other and also change attire from time to time, it is only safer to have with you an emergency pair of Cinderella shoes.

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3. An Umbrella: In cases where the changing room is not nearby, you need a big umbrella for protection against the rain. This is might look like a big fairytale fail but who says you can't cover your in lace? Create a trend.

4. Handy towel: When in transit through the rain, you need something to dry your feet.

5. Ensure your makeup artist is around the corner: Predicting that the water would never touch your face is almost impossible. Have your makeup artist for the whole day, so that if a funny situation like the rain touching your face happens, you are covered

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