Royal families try to make their weddings as fairy-tale like as possible. From the details on the dress, decor and guest style to the wedding cake.

Starting from Queen Elizabeth II whose cake can't be washed off the top 10 list, even though her wedding was way back in 1947 to Kate Middleton and Prince Williams whose cake left jaws open.

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Listed below are the top five royal wedding cake in history:

1. Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

The crowned Princess of Sweden and her beau Prince Daniel got married in June 2010. Their royal cake which was gifted by was show stopping. The 11 tier cake was in shape of a four-leaf clover.

2. Kate Middleton and Prince Williams

Kate Middleton and Prince Williams who got married in 2011 had an eight-tier fruitcake. The cake which was decorated by Fiona Cairns had over 900 leaves and floral details. The couple offered their wedding guests a taste of their wedding cake.

3. Queen Rania and King Abdullah

Queen Rania and Kind Abdullah of Jordan’s cake was the real deal. The cake which was decorated with lace embellishments and crowns was sliced down with a sword.

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Though, the cake might be an oldie, the style and shape made a statement.

4. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillips

Though Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillips got married in 1947, their cake still made the top five. The four-tier cake which was standing nine-foot tall weighed 500 pounds. The cake was made from the ingredients received from the .

In a similar manner to Queen Rania and King Abdullah’s cake, Queen Elizabeth’s cake was sliced with Prince Phillip’s sword. One layer of the cake was sent back to Australia.

Another layer was preserved till Prince Charles’s christening.

5. Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Princess Diana and Prince Charles who had their royal wedding in 1981 served 27 cakes. The official cake which was made by stood out.

The five-tier cake was about five feet high, had the coat of arm of the royal family, the couple’s first initials and a spray of roses, lilies and Orchids.

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In few words, it was simple but extremely classy.

Which is your favourite royal wedding cake? Share your thoughts in the comment section below: