Weddings are bliss to the couples. It is a day almost every human look forward to, especially women. Right from their childhood they wonder when Prince Charming would come and sweep them off their feets.

They daydream about the moment he would propose and how perfect it would be, and then they grow older only to have a different notion of love and weddings.

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They discard their fairy-tale dreams and become more realistic about their needs and wants.

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This person that thinks women should not bear a man's name.

Why are Pizzas never served at weddings?

All stereotype should be removed.

Weddings are a waste of money.

And this person that wants to attend Nigerian wedding only for the cash they spray.

And this too.

The wedding dress fail.

This lady that thinks weddings are satanic rituals.

This bridesmaid whose future is the 27 dresses movie.

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