Glamour Magazine, in this video, showed the revolution of wedding bands, from the 1900s till date.

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In the 1900s, various customs adapted the use of wedding rings. It kick started with the stoneless wedding bands.

The geometric design wedding rings took over in the year 1925 through 1933. In 1933 round stones set in platinum took over, same as what actress, Allisons Williams.

In 1940, the floral inspired designs began to trend, it is similar to Miley Cyrus's yellow gold ring. Following the 'a diamond is forever' campaign by De Beers in 1947, engraved, ornate setting in White Gold was trending.

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In the 1960s, coloured gemstones became the trend, similar to Princess Diana's oval sapphire, now worn by Duchess Kate. 1970s came with emerald cut diamonds set in white gold came into fashion, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Amal Clooney have this kind of diamonds.

1980s came with a little twist, the pear shaped diamonds and yellow gold bands were ruling. Great transition was made in the 1990s, Marquise-cut diamonds took the leading crown.

A three-stone ring took over in the 2000s, this represents the couples past, present and future. Singer, Keith Urban proposed to his girlfriend, Nicole Kidman with a vintage Cartier three-stone ring.

Cushion-cut diamonds in halo settings are the big yes in 2016

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