It is quite common knowledge that the people from the southwestern part of Nigeria know how to throw a real party.

Of course, there aren't many things to be celebrated as well as one's child, friend, sister or brother getting married, so you can expect them to go all out when they throw a wedding soiree.

If you have a date at a Yoruba wedding soon, you really do not want to miss out on the fun.

So take note of these ten things you have to do, as they will ensure that nothing happens at that ceremony without you partaking, except you intentionally decide to skip it.

Skip the church service

From experience, you will be wasting your time if you go for the church wedding, except you are really close family, and have a very important role to play there.

If not, you are permitted to skip that part. You won't be missing much. [May the good Lord forgive us all.]

Buy Aso-ebi / Dress to kill

You should totally buy aso-ebi if you can afford it. This is because Yoruba parties are highly based on familiarity.

So if you are dressed as many people around you, it will be assumed by everyone important [namely the serving women, the drinks guys, and those with souvenirs to distribute] that you are familiar to the people celebrating the wedding.

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However, if you can not afford the aso ebi, then you must totally dress to kill. Do not withhold anything. You have to go all out.

As a matter of fact, whether or not you buy the aso-ebi, you have to slay, because that will also play a huge role in whether you get served food, drinks and other things you have your eyes set on.

Why else do you think Yoruba guys appear all colourful in their gorgeous agbadas?

Arrive at the reception early

The reason for missing out on the church service is to ensure that you get to the reception early enough.

Whether it's a hall, or a garden, wherever the venue is, you have to get there very early if you intend to enjoy that party.

Be close to the stage

You arrived at the party early for a reason, right? Please make sure you get a seat close to the front.

So you can see the bride, the groom, the MC, the musicians [if there's any] and all those that will come to spray money when the couple are dancing.

Of course, you also want to get easy access when the dance floor is thrown open for everyone to turn up!

Sit with the bride's family

From personal experience and that of the various party goers around, you need to note that your interests will be best served by sitting on the bride's side of the hall.

Many of those coolers and drums, iced blocks and drinks you see being lifted into the hall are going to end up on that side because that's where the real party happens most times.

And you should make sure you are somewhere close to where the mummies with antenna gele [headgears] are seated.

Good things happen around that side a lot, because nothing goes by that those mummies in lace and plenty gold accessories don't get.

Best believe it when we say that the Bride's family is where you want to be seated!