Dear Bukky,

I am dating a married woman who tells me that her husband is barren and does not know how to [please her sexually].

She says that [I always do it to her satisfaction] so now she wants me to [impregnate] her so she can transfer the responsibility to her husband. What should I do?


Dear reader,

Don’t do it.

It is bad enough that you are dating a married woman, regardless of the reason she gave you. Having to now do something as atrocious as impregnating her so she can pass off the baby as her husband’s is just extra terrible.

It’s a different thing if she did it and didn’t involve you, but now you know about it and since you are here seeking my advice, I should tell you that I think this is actually your cue to cut all ties with that woman.

Don’t let the ‘fun’ and whatever enjoyment you are getting from her distract you from the wrongness of the situation. That’s a married woman right there and you have no business sleeping with her in the first instance let alone impregnating her.


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