I am just a man who truly loves my girlfriend but gets cheated on by her repeatedly. I have been seeing my partner for about a year plus now.

About four months back, I stumbled upon her gory, sexual and unfaithful acts on her phone. I confronted her in the most diplomatic way ever despite the hurt, pain and anger it caused me. Yes, she tried to deny everything and a day letter she admitted to all of them and she pleaded and made me a promise that she will never go down that road again if only I take her back. I forgave her and we got on and the love really grew stronger and rosier.

Just very recently, I caught her again and I told her I needed some time to reflect on a few things concerning our relationship and she pleaded again that it was just her flirting but not engaged in the act as in the previous events. A day after, she starts blaming me that I am calling off a relationship all because of text/chat, that I never loved her. She says I am looking for a perfect woman, that if I had made my intentions known to her family that she wouldn't misbehave.

I am still gutted because I really love this woman but I feel I can't carry on with her cause she wouldn't change for the better.


Dear reader,

I agree with you that letting her go is the best thing to do. A partner who cheats consistently and without remorse is really not the person you want to be with.

Such partner is not worthy of the effort and knowing this early enough will spare you from wasted time and energy.

It is fine to feel disappointed, depressed and gutted about losing her, but you need to realize that all of these don’t mean you should remain with her. Let her go with her manipulation and cheating ways.

You’ll be better without such negativity around you.


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