I’ve dated a guy for four years now. He is not the calling type. Most times he prefers texting, and at some point he’ll just stop texting and reaching out. It’s like a pause on his side. I kept on forgiving him until recently when I went school and it happened again and unfortunately I got involved with a guy on campus even though I didn't love him.

The pause thing happened again and this close male friend who was always consoling me. As time passed by, our relationship changed into something else and now we can't stop what we've started. I want to cut things off with my current boyfriend and move on with my friend but I feel I might be making a wrong choice even though he makes me happy.

I really need your help because now I’m kind of going out with two guys and it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Please advise me on what to do.


Dear reader,

I agree with your decision to leave the boyfriend who goes on unannounced breaks. This article here will explain to you why that is a wrong thing for anyone in a relationship to do.

In the end, relationships are about being happy, finding peace and reducing the heartaches. If your boyfriend always makes you unhappy and takes breaks from communicating, you should detach yourself from such behavior.

If that other guy seems to be the guy, go for him.


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