The anniversary of their traditional wedding ceremony was last Friday, August 20, 2016.

Mofe Duncan, who is never tired of professing his love for his beautiful wife, took to Instagram to share a cute and heart warming message.

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He wrote: "#August20th #OnThisDayONE YEAR AGO... you became my AFRICAN QUEEN... you left your home and decided to follow me on my journey, but what you didn't know was, I was actually following you on yours."

"Happy 1st Traditional Anniversary to my best friend, my wife, my Queen, Mrs Jessica Ivie Mofe-Duncan. Love you without knowing how... or wondering why...#iJustDo. Cheers to us. #MoJess #MrsD#ChroniclesOfTheDuncans#ChroniclesOfAnAquariusAndAGemini"

His wife, Jessica also shared an emotional message: "A year ago today, traditionally I became Mrs Duncan Time passes by... So quickly, but sweetly with you, what we have and when we laugh I wouldn't trade you for anything in this world I could hold you forever.. "

"Every year we will celebrate, everyday we get to spend our lives together.. Today is a special day for you and me because today is our Anniversary. You as well as the whole world knows how much I love you  #OneYearAnniversary #ManyMoreYearsToGo #TraditionallyMarried #MrAndMrsDuncan #MoJess"