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Meeting Chukwuemeka

December 2nd 2021, 3:26:56 pm

My ride was smooth and we got to the restaurant peacefully. I walked into the restaurant with my bending heels and there was Chukwuemeka with his kid sister on a date for two.

Meeting Chukwuemeka

Hian! Hope it’s not that they’re following me from home like this? I whispered within myself.

Babe are you okay? You look like you got in a fight? Chukwuemeka asked.

Normal Normal, according to Nollywood, when a guy meets a lady on the first date. The first thing he does is hug her and then compliment her for being the most beautiful creature on earth. But the first question Chukwuemeka could ask me is if I got in a fight?


Wonders shall never end, but God is behind his own children.

And I prayed before leaving this house o, why is this happening to me?

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Chukwuemeka’s sister noticed my heels and made a comment about how nice my shoe was except that it was shaking. But I didn’t let it pain me: I only smiled.

It was time to order what to eat and the waiter brought the menu.

I looked at the well-detailed menu from page to page, from top to bottom and I couldn’t figure out what to order because they all had strange names. And looked strange.

I looked up to catch Chukwuemeka gazing at me, and I smiled in return. He asked me what I was going to order, and I said I’ll just go with whatever he was going to have. I didn’t know you don't usually say that.

They served our dishes after waiting for about fifteen minutes and the word that fell from my mouth was “Mo te”(means ‘I have been disgraced’).

“What did you say?” Chukwuemeka’s sister asked.

Nothing, I said smiling in return, a serious case of suffering and smiling. After eating two spoons I said I was fine and would not like to continue with the meal. And everyone thought I was really fine meanwhile, I was feeling the ugly pangs of hunger.

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Chukwuemeka and I decided to take a walk so we could have some healthy heart-to-heart conversation. And all through the walk experience, I just wanted to go home or ask if anybody is selling amala or eba in the nearest restaurant.

After a few minutes, I returned to my house. I got home expecting that my siblings would at least leave something behind for me for dinner but to my surprise, they had eaten and gone to bed.

When I asked why they didn’t leave anything behind for me. My younger sister said, “You that went out and did not buy anything for us nko?”

If only she knew 😭

Anyways. Your WCW was making eba in the kitchen at about 10:30 pm because I cannot suffer several times in a day.

Watch out for anyone bearing Chukwuemeka. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you.


Omorinkoba Eniola is a storyteller.


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Omorinkoba Eniola

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