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There is a lot of importance placed on certain relationship traits which has, in a way, made them more desirable than others. Take, for instance, faithfulness and loyalty to one's partner. A lot of people have seen so much infidelity around them, they have read so much about it and they have seen a lot of 'scummery' in play between partners that all they crave now is for a partner to just be faithful and loyal to them and they'll be just fine, regardless of everything else that partner does or omits to do.

For some, due to the harsh economic realities of the country, it is a partner's deep pockets that count more than all other things. As we said in this previous Pulse post, Once a partner has that and he or she shows a penchant for sharing that money with them at every turn, they do not care about every other thing the partner fails at.

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But that's not the best way to approach relationships. Accepting the basest relationship needs as big deals isn't good enough. You deserve better and you can get it if only you will refuse to settle. As a previous post here on Pulse says, it does not matter that a partner is faithful loyal and honest, if they are incapable of grasping simple relational concepts as communication, sharing quality time, words of affirmation, giving gifts and other things that form the totality of satisfactory relationships, then maybe they are not good enough for you!

An ideal relationship will not necessarily be perfect, of course, but it will be close to perfection, or on a ceaseless journey towards it. So if a partner is only half-good for you or less, they really may not be good enough. The type of relationship or marriage you should be aspiring to is the type which caters to all aspects of your wellbeing - physical, mental, spiritual, financial, sexual, etc.

Notwithstanding that there is a scarcity of good people out there, the goal of getting a partner should still be to get the premium kind of man or woman; one who fits the bill, and matches the standard you have set in your heart.

While we're here, let's also mention that you can't attract and maintain some partners if you have not elevated your mind and way of life to what you aspire to. It's one thing to say no to barest minimum, and it's another to not be barest minimum stuff yourself.

Until you become a premium kind of partner yourself, you may never be able to stop attracting or saying no partners who come with only the barest minimum of relationship/marriage needs known to man.