Pornography and its consumption is as real and commonplace in Nigeria as the sun shining bright and hot as these words are being threaded together.

There's no point still trying to live in denial. We can all cut the crap now.

According to Google stats, in 2014, the popularity of Nigerian searches for pornography, as compared to other searches, on a scale of 0 to 100 was above 80.

In December 2016, Pornhub, the site with possibly the vastest collection of xxx videos, released their annual statistics and it showed that Nigeria leads in Africa for consumption of pornography on mobile.

Hey, even our own dedicated sex page, Hot Pulse gets a whole lot of views daily than almost all other categories.

These are facts and they prove that people from different age grades and walks of life love to view adult content.

Single men and women, people in relationships watch, married people... the behaviour spreads across them all.

While single people could have some sort of 'free pass', things are a little more complicated for those in relationships and marriages.

There are only few people who have no qualms with their partner viewing pornographic content. So many are flat out against the idea.

And this is not without reason.

According to Psychology Today, porn also has a way of making people objectify their partners.

It creates unrealistic expectations and ideas in their minds, and most worryingly, it could become an addiction.

Everyone who has watched at least 10 minutes of a porn flick knows how exaggerated the actions are.

From the loud moans, well sculpted physiques of the actors, to the time spent on each round of sex.

Getting too stuck up in that world surely has an effect on one's relationship, especially if you are hoping to replicate those things in your sex life with your partner.

And even though it is usually said that not every addiction is a bad thing, surely that can't be in reference to pornography, especially when you have a partner you are meant to be exclusive with.

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Viewing sexually-explicit content while in a relationship is viewed as so bad that many people have placed it on the same pedestal of 'badness' as literally sleeping with other people.

And it is hard to imagine this behaviour ending anywhere else than in an amicable breakup at best.

In other, more likely circumstances, you could be called out on social media as a f***boy on top of losing your partner in an ugly, embarrassing breakup.

It is obvious that public opinion is against porn and its consumption especially by people in relationships, but there is evidence that it still has a place in some relationships.

Some married partners enjoy pornographic materials individually and even together regardless of the apparent disadvantages.

We may never truly understand why, but one logical explanation for this is the inherent differences in human behaviour.

One man's meat is another's poison... and as they say, different strokes for different folks.

In an article published on Women's Health Magazine [Online] in 2014, it is said that viewing porn as a couple could be advantageous as it could lead to a better sexual experience between partners.

It could inspire you to be more vocal in bed about your needs, and it could also help you discover your partner's sexual fantasies among other advantages.

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Huffington Post has a similar 2013 article, explaining how viewing porn as a couple could help partners' sexual lives, and by extension, their relationship/marriages as a whole.

If partners enjoy watching porn together, or if their sex improves directly as a result of this, would the effect of porn on that relationship be seen as negative?

In the end, the truth remains that everyone has the right to own their narrative, to shape and mould their relationships the way they deem fit.

Even in the larger picture, it has been rightly said that it is best to live your life on your own terms and to do what's best for you.

So, depending on who you are and the specifics of your relationship, the effects of pornography on it could either be good or bad.