When people complain about being single and express a desire to get into a relationship, one of the questions they get asked is about their social life and interaction with other people.

Do you go out? How many parties do you attend? Do you accept invitations to dates?

Everywhere the issue comes up – in a circle of friends, at religious and secular relationship events and even in a previous article that I have once written here, the same advice always comes up for for single people seeking love – you need to go out more often, let people see you, interact more, make friends, put yourself out there.

The words and sentences used may vary, but the point remains clear – your chances of meeting the love of your life increases so well when you go out of your house and actually get involved in social activities.

It means instead of sleeping at home every time, accept invitations to birthday get-togethers, go clubbing, party, join a group in church, partake in a charitable cause, go for Islamic and other religious activities.

Put yourself in a position to meet other single and willing people simply by doing the things you love doing and increase your chances of finding love.

They say don’t just stay at home with your laptop or mobile phone, spending all your time on social media and curving every guy that slides into the DM and even the ones that politely ask you to hang out.

But really, I think it is a waste of time to tell people this. I once used to think like that, but I have seen the light and now I know better.

No one needs to go out to increase their chances of finding love, you do not need to be friendly or give anyone who tries to talk to you any audience and the idea that more eligible partners will see you when you are actually outside your house is nothing but rubbish and a pure case of argumentum ad populum.

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See, it’s simple; to locate the love of your life by staying in your bedroom every day and every weekend, here is the simple thing to do.

Go to the nearest accredited pharmacy and buy the most potent sedative and be sure to carefully note the right dosage to take.

Now go back home, eat your favourite meal and pop the pills. Make sure not to overdose.

Climb back into that beloved bed of yours, and cuddle that pillow more tightly than ever.

It’ll be really cozy, you’ll see.

And then the sleeping pill will kick in and when it does, it will do you like magic but you’ll see that tall, dark and handsome guy dressed in the shiniest armour you ever saw.

He’s going to barge right through that gate, front door and straight into your room. Ever so gently, he’ll bend and carry you gently in his arms, and take you out into the most beautiful carriage [or car, depending on your dream] and ride off into a happily ever after with you.

And if you’re a guy, follow that process too and that pretty babe you’ve been too shy to talk to will come to you and ask you to be her Romeo forever.

I assure you, guys, everything will easily happen right there with you on that lovely, spacious bed of yours.

Of course, it will all be in your dream but it’ll be so perfect and you’ll absolutely love the feeling!

And you know what’s most interesting about all this? You can repeat this exercise everyday and see the love of your life every time you want to!

So why go out to meet people or speak to a babe when love can easily locate you right there in your house and your bed?