In our world today, couples no longer cherish those vows they made to each other on their wedding day, leading to a high rate of divorce.

With marriages crashing on a daily basis, is there any way the younger generations can avoid this pitfall?

Blogger, Scott Stanley of Family Studies believes that there are certain factors concerning marriage that could lead to a divorce.

"No matter which estimate one uses, the fact is that there is a substantial risk for divorce in marriage. While there are academic arguments about how great the average risk is, there is a lot less argument among scholars about the relative risks. Some people face a higher risk of divorce, and others a very low risk. What follows is not an exhaustive list but it will hit the highlights," he wrote.

In his opinion, some of the things that raises the risk of a divorce include; marrying at a young age, having less education, having parents who divorced and never remarried, etc.

Stanley shares more tips and useful pieces of advice for singles who have plans to settle down in future.

His write up is very direct and touches on topical issues on relationships and marriage. Read the full article HERE.