When the word cheating comes up, everyone is quick to imagine a physical, orchestrated affair; but in reality, even the cheater may not know that what he or she is doing counts as infidelity.

To some, unfaithfulness is broad enough to include obvious issues such as having other affairs and viewing pornography, but there are other less obvious ways you’re being unfaithful. And worse, you don;t even know it!

1. Self

Did you know you could be unfaithful to your spouse with yourself? Any time you choose self-gratification over spouse-gratification, you’re being unfaithful.

If you intentionally choose to spend too much time alone rather than with your partner, you are starving them of time and companionship; two things that are just as important to the growth of a relationship as faithfulness and loyalty.

You’d think that does not count as cheating, but it does. Because whenever you want and suggest that you'd love to spend time with them, they clear their schedule to be with you but you never ever do the same for them.

2. Hiding money

Once you are living together, hiding expenditures, debts or savings can be unfair to a partner to whom a promise of transparency has been made.

Your partner should be aware of your finances since it affects them, too.

Just imagine a marriage where partners have an agreement on how their money is to be spent and one partner sticks to the plan but the other does not.

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3. Talking to outsiders

Venting with your best friend on issues in your relationship is acceptable, but only after your partner’s opinion has been sought.

It is unfair and shows your lack of respect towards your partner if the first thing you do is discuss with friends when something bad [or good] happens in your relationship.

4. Emotional dishonesty

This isn’t just about lying about big things, but also small things like faking happiness when you’re actually unhappy.

When your partner constantly tries to know how you’re feeling, don’t say you’re fine when you’re not.

That’d be denying them the opportunity to be part of whatever you’re going through in that moment and it does not make sense to shut them out like that.

It is emotional cheating to not involve them in these situations.

5. Dressing for someone else

If you find yourself dressing with someone else in mind, you’re already starting to inch over that line of unfaithfulness.

The same goes for men: if you’re reaching more often for the shirt you know that girl in the office likes, your spouse may not know about it, you may not think much about it, but your partner won’t like it if she knew.

And anything you wouldn’t want your partner to know should be avoided at all costs.