Many shy away from long-distance relationships because, sincerely,

The pleasurable feeling of being with the one you love, sharply contrasted by the knowledge that that satisfaction and comfort will only be for a while; when the morning comes, he/she would be gone and  you’d be by yourself again.

There will be phone and video calls, messages and other means of communication but all those are hardly ever enough and you will miss the love of your life every single day she’s gone.

But that is only one part of the picture. Long-distance relationships are not just about the nostalgia and lonely nights.

Below, we list five things you’ll learn by being in long-distance relationships.

1. Importance of communication

It is common knowledge that communication is important in relationships and while everyone needs to understand and appreciate this, it is somewhat more relevant to people in long-distance relationships.

The effort to keep the relationship going will necessitate better, more consistent communication between you and your partner.

Simply because you know it is either you communicate well or risk the death of the relationship .

2. Importance of technology

Imagine being with someone who has to move to another state. Now imagine what life would feel like for you without innovation like video calls, texts messaging, phone calls and others.

Unimaginable, right? Exactly.

When partners live close by and see each other everyday, they might not understand how technology could help to make relationships work better.

Long distance will really force you to appreciate these things and their effect on modern relationships and marriages.

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3. Patience

A long-distance relationship is a great teacher of patience. You spend what feels like ages waiting for the perfect moment to see the person you treasure most in the world and spend time with them.

The time you have to spend with them is a lot shorter than how long you have to wait to actually meet them, nut you won’t mind.

Being in love with someone who is faraway will surely teach you that.

4. Trust

You can't be in a long distance relationship without trust. It is extra important to be trustful when your partner is miles away from you and all the moments you can share with them is during phone calls, video calls and few other moments. What they say is also all you have and it is what you have to live with.

Without trust for the other person, it is better to stay away from the relationship altogther.

5. How to be OK alone

In a long-distance relationship, you learn to be by yourself, to do things that will occupy you during the day. You learn how to be by yourself even on the coldest nights.

There will times when that would feel like hell, but because you have to wait for the love of your life, you bear it.

In the long run, you’ll discover that you can be by yourself. You actually do not need anyone to be happy. You can be happy on your own.