There's the tendency to always look out for the grand issues, big problems that people fear the most - unfaithfulness, refusal to have sex, side chicks, financial problems, etc.

However, failed relationships are not caused only by these huge, obvious problems. There are that people should be paying more attention to in their relationships.

1. You don’t let things slide

Sometimes you just have to let some little things go. Being too confrontational, or doing so at all times, regardless of your partner’s mood is not good enough.

Yes, communication is good and expressing your hurt is great as well; but you need to realise that your partner is human and those little mistakes are bound to happen occasionally. You can’t pick on EVERY single mistake, you’ll end up looking like you’re hounding your partner. They’ll also feel so, so imperfect.

So, learn to let some little mistakes go, so far they are not too recurrent.

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2. You don’t express your love

Everyone in love deserves reassurances. The mistake often made by many is to assume that only men have this duty to always tell their baes ‘I love you.’ That couldn’t be any farther from the truth!

As much as men should always make women know how much they love them, women in relationships need to also realise that men need regular reassurances, too. So never get too comfortable to the point of assuming that your partner [guy or babe] knows that you love them so you stop saying it.

It may sound minute and inconsequential but it could be negatively impactful on your relationship. Be expressive of your love.

3. White lies

Being untruthful with your partner on something very little may seem harmless until they find out and begin to wonder if anything you’ve ever told them was even true!

It is actually better to not say anything about an issue than to give a white lie about it.