The Internet has come such a long way that it is now a [beautiful] influence on just every aspect of life.

Of course, that means the Internet, especially Social Media, has been used to some amazing effects in relationships, marriages and the dating game in general.

While your actual relationship in real life is very important, the social media part of your relationship is important too.

Of course, one of the coolest social media platforms of the moment is Instagram which provides you the opportunity to share the cutest pictures from dates, hangouts and other moments shared with bae or boo.

So, what are some of the rules guiding couples on Instagram?

1. Always double tap each other's pics

Do not - I repeat that - do not scroll by your girl's picture without double tapping on it. [That's how you like the pic.]

Since you are meant to be your partner's biggest cheerleader and most vocal admirers, you can't afford not to take that admiration to Instagram, too.

You gotta keep reminding your man that you still tripping for him as ever.

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2. Know the best selfie angles

Selfies help you keep some of the best memories of happy times spent with your significant other. Knowing the best angles to snap from will often endear you to them, and give you some of the memories to share.

As a matter of fact, for guys, knowing to snap the most gorgeous selfies of your girl, and randomly posting them on your IG earns you extra BF points. [Thank me later.]

3. Don't upload pics where only you look good

Another rule that operates on Instagram is the 'slay together, goof together' rule.

It is often advisable to post pictures where you both look gorgeous together, or where you are goofing together.

Cue in the tongue out, goofy pictures.

4. No IG activity when you are not replying messages

It is not cool to be active on Instagram when you are yet to respond to a message from your sweetheart. If you missed a call from them too, you better return that call before going on Instagram.

Actually, this is a way of showing them that they are respected and that they are prority.

Remember, these rules work best for couples who actually have a working real life connection.

It is better to use IG as an extension of your happy relationship than to use it as a way of seeking validation and making your IG followers believe all is right in your relationship when it actually isn't.