Dating, meeting people and going through the early motions of a relationship are difficult enough without the added struggle of being a shy person.

It is not-so-easy getting into the dating scene when you are a shy person, whether you are male or female. For guys who struggle with this problem, answers have already been proffered in this article here.

For ladies who are not as confident and have to continuously struggle with timidity when it comes to guys, here are tips to overcome that:

1. Choose dates that involve activity

Instead of going on a date that involves something like seeing a movie, a quiet dinner or lunch at some silent place, choose something that involves an activity. Might sound absurd but going paint-balling, kayaking and the likes are not bad date ideas.

If you go on more of an active date, there is a greater need for communication. Those activities require conversation to progress the date. Once you start talking, you may begin to feel more comfortable around the other person.

2. Make observations

If you’re at a place that’s buzzing with activity, pay attention to everything! Having observations and pointing them out during a date open up avenues for conversations, and allows for a myriad of conversation topics as the things you notice around could range from ads, to people, movie billboards and all that.

Any of these can launch you into interesting conversations and exchange of opinions.

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3. Shyness could be advantageous

Shyness doesn’t have to be a character flaw. Your reserved demeanor may actually come off as mysterious and sexy. While you don’t want to come off as a bore, being yourself could still enough to keep him charmed and very interested in you.

4. Show your interest

Whatever you do, you need to let him know you are interested. In your own way, reciprocate the attraction game going between you two. You don’t need to break out of character to achieve this. Giving him just enough energy to keep him coming back to you is enough.

If he wants you, your shyness won’t chase him away. But he needs to know, even in the littlest way, that you are interested in him, too.

5. To yourself be true

You can be shy and honest. And that’s exactly how you should be. There is no need to pretend to be something you’re not. If a guy is showing serious interest in you or if you  are starting up a new relationship, let him know that you are a bit shy so he doesn’t mistake your introverted nature as disinterest. Just make sure to explain with confidence so that you don’t frame it as a flaw — because as we already said above, it isn’t!