But that’s exactly what happened. That Instagram post triggered a conversation and we're absolutely glad it did. The issue of relationship standards and the kind of love that is attainable can never be said enough.

With a photo post shared on September 18, 2018, The “Knock You Down” singer says while she intends to get married at some point, she would never settle to achieve that goal.

“Sure I’d like to be married someday—but not enough to do it with the wrong person,” she tweets.

“So if you EVA see “Keri” walk down that aisle, even if I’m old & grey... you can rest assured — I didn’t settle.”

And while that opinion is very interesting and self-explanatory as it is, the 35 year old singer still goes deeper on the instructive post.

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When a follower asked her in the comments section if she thinks her “expectations are too high,” Keri takes her time to spell out a well-detailed response to her that we absolutely agree with.

She says:

“To have a man compliment my life, who is equally yoked in the things that MATTER like loyalty, virtue, depth, compassion, and love & respect for God, someone who understands healthy relational boundaries & pushes me to be my best self while supporting each other's dreams?

“Someone who truly loves himself & has dissolved his ego? Someone who has evolved from his lower self & constantly evolving? Someone who has learned his lessons & strives to be a great human being?

“Someone who holds my heart carefully & treats me well? Who values & honors love? Someone who is wise enough to lead me?

“Nah. And I don't think God puts anything in our hearts that we are not capable of having.”

There you have it. If you ever thought your relationship needs are too much or that your standards are too high, you need to read this again and remember that it’s achievable.

You are a queen. You are a king. And there’s a man or woman out there looking, searching and waiting for you to come into their lives.

Why wait this long to settle for something less than that?!