Nwadinma Loretta Okpuno and Prince Oyeniyi Jonathan Laoye are a lovely couple who are getting married on August 15th 2015 in Abuja.

Howthey met by Loretta:

“In my opinion, three years is a long time to get to know someone. Somehow made it seem a lot shorter. I met him towards the end of Uni and at a point when I had no plans to be in a relationship. My focus then was getting a degree and moving on to greater heights. BUT! We happened and everything in me felt at peace with him. Also being the spiritual type, I was more than certain he was the one. A friend of mine and now one of my bridesmaids, who happens to be the friend and I had in common, put up my picture on my birthday in 2012. Little did I know that the picture had earned me a secret admirer and the rest is history.”

We wish the couple all the best as they embark on a ride of a lifetime.

Check out their  ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ pre-wedding shoot in the gallery above.