A picture of Linda Ejiofor and her groom Ibrahim Suleiman depict an image of knowingness as they begin the eternal journey as man and wife.

Today, the pair are captured at an alter to exchange vows in the presence of loved ones. Ejiofor's pal Adesua looks on as a heavenly white wedding sets in motion.

It is the final "jump to the last hurdle of forever" with Suleiman, his wife notes in a post on IG.

Best friend Adesua Etomi-Wellington lends support as her buddy Ejiofor ties the know with "Tinsel" co-star Ibrahim Suleiman.

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The couple wore their game face as a party MC invites them to ease into the eternal journey with some dance moves.

It seemed like they had been planning for the event as they make their first step in a synchronized way.

In a video showing the pair having their wedding kiss, it seemed like they mean the world to each other.

Earlier in November, the couple are at their traditional wedding. The groom Ibrahim Suleiman is in love with the image of himself and his wife.

Their eyes are locked against each other in a picture depicting the true meaning of love.