Love can be found in the strangest place, even in the house of a broke man. When you are in love with a financially unstable man, he requires all the support he can get from you as such you need to be sure you can handle the situation.

Be sure you can handle all the mood swings that comes with being broke, without sugar coating it, it would most likely be a rough ride. Except he knows how to manage his temper, he might flip over the silliest things.

Money is known to have been the cause of cheating in 50% of Nigerian girls.

Remember it is your choice to be in love with him.

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These factors to consider include:

1. Your own finances: First you have to be sure that you can handle an extra cost in your financies. You also want to double check if you are okay with giving him [your] money and sharing your things. This is because love shares.

2. Ask the reason he is broke: Is he in need of a job? or he is just being lazy? Investigate him to get the answers to these questions. What expenditure takes the most of his earnings [if he has a job]Be sure!

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3. Does he discuss his financial plans? It is okay to discuss finances in a relationship, this helps bonding and builds trust. Is he trying to improve his financial situation? Or does he want to start his own business?

These are very IMPORTANT details you need to know.

4. Be sure you want to be a part of his instability.

Note that he would probably be moody all the time: No one is happy when things are not working out for them.