As they say, first dates are usually very important between a couple because it’s the very first time they get to meet and talk to each other. So, how do some ladies get it all wrong to the extent that a second date never shows up? Here are six habits to totally avoid on your first dates.

1.) Ordering too much

Do not try to eat like it's Christmas on your first date or bring a third party along. This shows you care less about the guy's feelings towards you and all you care about is how much he can afford.

2.) Talk less

Even though first dates are meant for you to know each other better, also try not to reveal too much about yourself. Keep some information about yourself so he'll be curious to know more about you. For example, personal stuff about your family or your finances should be kept out.

3.) Time conscious

Stop looking at your watch or asking for the time during your first date! It's so rude. You are not even disrespecting the guy but you make him feel like planning the meeting was completely irrelevant.

4.) Playing with phones

Avoid touching your phone while on your first date. It's disrespectful, to say the least. Even if you see something interesting on social media, make sure to share with your dates so you both can laugh about it together. If you have to use your phone, why not take him a picture or the beautiful setting and post online, tag him!

5.) Bad table manners

Imagine yourself digging your nose, biting your nails, farting or dragging your nose during first dates… disgusting! Completely avoid talking about vomit or that smelly gutter on your street.. Especially if the date involves dinner on a table for two.

6.) Avoid "swallows"

Even though we are Africans, please avoid ordering for food you need to use your hands to eat them such as okro soup, semo, amala, fufu etc. They are not bad but it could get you in trouble or even ruin your make up.

Hope these six things help you comport yourself on your first date! Make sure he calls again.

Note: forget about everything and just try to enjoy that moment with him.