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Along with regular cleanings (and a stone that's purposefully cut to dazzle), the best way to maintain all that shine is to leave it off when you're handling anything that's not gemstone-friendly. Via a recent beauty video the reality star posted to her website, that means going into hair and makeup completely ring-free!

"A Kim trick is I never wear my ring or earrings when I'm doing glam because the hairspray gets stuck on the jewelry, and it's really hard to get it off," she said, diamond-free and in a halo of spray.

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While most of us don't have to deal with a professional team of makeup artists and hairstylists descending on the regular, we all do log sessions in front of the mirror with sprays, creams, and other manners of sparke-clouders. To avoid, leave your jewelry off until you're finished (the same problem can happen with soap too, making it wise to go unadorned when showering or cleaning house).