Karl Lagerfeld has made his name in the fashion business but hes now taking his creativity to a whole new level - creating one of the most essential items of any wedding - RINGS!

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The well-respected fashion designer has released samples of his latest project which include three different designs of engagement rings for brides-to-be. They are made of 18-karat white, yellow gold as well as platinum, and besides them being luxurious, Lagerfeld says they are also appealing to the millennial crowd with a price range at $1,000, going up to $10,000.

"I had never done a ring for that occasion,” Lagerfeld admits. "It was kind of a challenge.”

Lagerfeld partnered with jeweler Frederick Goldman to create the three collections of engagement rings for Fall 2016.

According to Vogue magazine, 'the first line features pointed studs similar to the ones seen on many of the accessories in his eponymous line, while the second incorporates modern, geometric shapes, and the third is inspired by the curves and arches seen throughout Parisian architecture.'

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"The rings had to express something that concerns the heart and real feelings," the designer tells the mag. "It has to be a symbol and a sign of a real wish of engagement. It has to be elegant but not bling-bling."

Reports say for this particular undertaking, Lagerfeld seemed to go deep.