Nollywood actor,

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Pope penned down an extremely emotional anniversary message to his wife, see below;

"TWO YEARS DOWN.....Many More To Go.....HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO US.....The Day I married you was the day God truly blessed me, The day you bore me a son was the day he completely blessed me;Today marks two years of our marriage and blessings.

Ever since you came into my life,My life became a masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci's handwork, A touch of michelangelo's initiative.

My orientation,perspective and Notion about life basically changed; My life is awesome today because you love me. I will love and respect you for the rest of my life,God help me as we grow old together....Many hudles to cross,Many mountains, Seas deserts to go by and many Obstacles but with God and you by my side, I will butcher them all and come out victorious as usual.....My Family shall serve no other God but the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob....#Godisthegreatest....I Love you jenny (THE ENVY OF ALL WOMEN)

HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO US......I can never completely explain how best my life has become ever since you said "YES"...I love you so much Jenny (THE ENVY OF ALL WOMEN) @qutejay from hair to pores,from spirit to soul,back to back i will never stop. Because of you God blessed my path,Because of you i am happy,If you were a twin i will still choose you,In ten thousand Worlds And A Million life time i will still marry you....Jnr Pope...."

The couple welcomed a  baby boy on November 13, 2014.

Take a moment to congratulate them.