Some of us already have RSVPd to weddings wed rather not attend because quite frankly, we are not in support of the union. Some of us will be blunt when the officiant asks us to, "speak now or forever remain silent." But is it reasonable to speak up before your friend or family member walks down the aisle? Sometimes.

If you're concerned about a loved one's upcoming nuptials, it's essential to ask yourself questions including: Should I intervene? How do I intervene in a way that he/she will hear me instead of resent me? And, do I have the right to intervene?

It's important to also decipher whether you don't support your loved one's engagement because of your personal preference or because you see that she's in an unhealthy or dead-end relationship. After asking and answering these above questions, you might want to go ahead to tell her or him using these methods.

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1.) You don’t click 'like' on her announcement post:

It's no big deal if you personally do not like her fiancé but not liking the big engagement announcement on her Instagram post is a bit childish.  Click 'like' and then call her up for lunch/dinner and talk with her about how she really feels about getting married.

2.) You don't call her:

Even after you get the news or she personally call you to share her big news, you don't call her (back) to say congratulations. It's bad.  At least, try to share the news on your own social media account as a sign of support. Don't just drop a "Hmmm…", "Hey" or chop knuckle emorji underneath her post and tell yourself, "I tried".

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3.) You avoid her:

There's really no need to go MIA after she makes her engagement news public. Some of you won't post on your own social media pages just because you want her to think you've gone off the radar or out of the country. Just call her up!

4.) You tell her "your man is not good enough":

Some of us could be too blunt as to tell her what a big mistake she's making marrying that guy.  Telling or reminding her how 'bad' her choice is will not stop her from marrying him so let her be! She knows what she's getting into Have you asked yourself if she really loves him or she's very happy marrying him… or isn't her happiness your priority in this case?