A disappointed couple from Singapore shared photos of their horrible but amusing wedding photos which were taken by a photographer who assured them that their pictures would turn out the best ever.

"So, what do you do when you finally receive your actual wedding day photos and find yourself sorely disappointed in them?"

"Get angry? Check. Shed a few tears over them? Done. Post some of the best (of the worst) on social media for amusement? Absolutely!" the 25-yr-old bride Jaclyn Ying, wrote on Facebook.

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Ying and her husband had bought a wedding package that included photography from a 'pretty reputable bridal shop' and were told that they couldn't choose their own photographer because their staff were a 'pool of talent'.

Unfortunately, the couple were seen in awkward poses in some photos while other shots told a completely different story.  The photos have been used as hilarious memes by a Facebook group, KFC - Kaki Friendship Club after they went viral.

The bride was offered an apology by the couple's photographer after he saw the viral post.

"First & foremost, I would like to apologize to this couple for the 20+ bad actual day wedding photos that they have received. My bridal company & I could have done better by QC [quality control] & removing them first before giving to you. I received $350 for this full day wedding photography & editing assignment, and I should have done better [sic]."

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"My usual practice is to give the bridal company all the actual day photos & in turn, they will pass them to the couples. Lesson learnt, I will instead QC the photos first before giving them to the bridal studio," he wrote on Facebook.

He concluded by saying he 'enjoyed covering' the couple's wedding and would love to offer them coffee and apologize in person.