A bride has sparked a family fight after giving her father-in-law the middle finger at her wedding reception. She was immediately labeled a cow by the angry man.

In the short video [posted on YouTube, the bride - identified as Lena is seen giving the finger to her new in-laws during the wedding party.

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Seconds after, her new father in-law is seen reaching for her angrily as other family members rise from their seats.

"What the heck is this? Put your middle finger on the plate and I cut it with a knife," the angry father-in-law is heard saying.

"You freaking cow! Get the f**k out of here!", he shouts again.

A woman is seen trying to cover the bride's mouth with her hand saying, : "Lena please calm yourself down."

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"Go on, kill her!", another male wedding guest is heard saying.

"You damned w****! I spent a lot of money on this wedding and what did you do?", Lena's father in-law is heard saying again.

"Lena, are you out of your f****** mind?", a woman shouts at the new bride.

The father-in-law then slaps the bride who in turn fights back by slapping him before she falls on the floor.

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The video then shows the bride being led away as her angry in-laws try to beat her up.

No one really knows why  the fight broke out but Internet users have pointed to the numerous empty bottles of vodka on the tables as a probable cause.

Watch the video below: