Wilson and Ann Mutura had to wear jeans and matching red T-shirts at their first wedding.

This time, though, the groom had on a suit and the bride, a lovely wedding dress.

After news of their budget wedding went viral on social media last month, many Kenyans offered to help and they delivered on that promise today February 14, 2017, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenyan media estimated their second wedding party cost $35,000 at an upmarket venue in the capital, Nairobi.

The couple, who had to make do with steel wedding bands during the first ceremony also exchanged new rings at the Valentine's Day ceremony.

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According to Aaltonen Jumba, a member of the Slique Events Planner Ltd which organised the wedding, the couple are not just getting a romantic wedding ceremony they deserve, they also got financial support to kickstart their marriage.

"The couple have already been supported by others financially. Different people gave different things at different levels.

"They have been given a greenhouse farm, a honeymoon and have been promised money to start a business," he told the BBC.

"Since that has been taken care of, why not give them the wedding they never had. Everyone needs that dream wedding."

According to Mr Jumba, it was hard to say exactly how much was spent on the wedding ceremony as different service providers had contributed in kind and money had not changed hands.