A 34-yr-old bride's dream turned into a nightmare after realised she'd hired a fake planner to organise her wedding.

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The bride was said to have fainted upon learning she had been conned by the wedding planner.

"When she heard that, my sister fainted," Trido Meidianto, Karina’s brother, told local reporters on Monday afternoon.

Her wedding was canceled after vendors failed to show up because they hadn't been paid an advance fee by the planner whom the bride had given money to.

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Karina's family first kept it away from the bride because they didn't want to stress her

"At that time, we did not know if the venue and catering had also not been paid. So we hoped the wedding could still take place the next day," Trido said.

But things got worse the next day, forcing the bride's family to sent messages to guests informing them the wedding had been cancelled, unfortunately, many still showed up.

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The incident was reported to the police who were unable to track the planner called Getar but were able to track and arrest one of the wedding organizer's managers, named DeVries.

The police found out during initial investigation that at least 6 other couples had been defrauded by the wedding planners.

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