An angry bride beat up her groom after he showed up drunk to the venue of their wedding.

The bride who is said to be from Bihar also threw pairs of shoes tied together around his neck for his disgraceful act on their wedding day which fell on a Tuesday night.

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The groom and bride had first exchanged garlands at the start of the ceremony in Khutauna-Natoli, before going to a nearby joint with a cousin of his and had a couple of alcoholic drinks. They both lost consciousness later, the Gulf News reports.

Witnesses say when the groom was brought back to the venue to complete the wedding rites, he kept asking for more alcohol and began to cause a scene when he was refused a drink, causing embarrassment to the bride’s family.

It was gathered that the bride who was calm at first, became angry much later and canceled the wedding because of the groom’s drunken state.

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In a fit of rage, she smeared the groom’s face with soot which she got from one of the rooms she had entered. Reports say the bride had thrown several foot wears at him before throwing a garland of shoes around his neck. It was gathered that she treated his cousin the same way too.

The groom's family who were also starting to cause trouble were locked in a room and only allowed to leave when they agreed to return the dowry the bride’s family had paid before the wedding

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