A bride in Uttar Pradesh, Ferozabad district, India canceled her wedding after she was forced by her groom to dance.

The groom, Jitendra Kumar, had done the initial marriage procedure of exchanging garlands with the bride, he started dancing with his friends and other invited guests when the party started.

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A few of the groom’s friends had asked him to bring his bride to the wedding stage to dance with him. The bride, however, declined his offer when he approached her.  After a failed attempt to plead with her, Jitendra was said to have gotten angry, grabbed her by the arm and began dragging her towards the stage, Deccan Herald reports.

The groom was said to have slapped a relative of the bride who tried to defend her. The bride reportedly threw off the garland on her neck, refused to marry the groom and walked out of the wedding venue to the shock of invited guests.

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All attempts to convince the angry bride into rethinking her decision failed. The groom and his father and some wedding guests were also arrested and detained by the police after the bride’s relative had lodged a complaint following the assault.

Deccan Herald reports that the groom and his father were released the next day and were asked to return home without the bride.