A Chinese bride and groom chose to ditch their wedding day ride in a luxury limousine and opted to cycle then use a train afterwards.

The groom first rode a bicycle to pick up his bride at her home, then carried her on his back to board a train back to his home where the ceremony was scheduled to hold.

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The couple also chose to wear their traditional wedding outfits in the colors of red and green on their big day. They were photographed dressed in their wedding clothes as they were accompanied by a group of friends also on bicycles.

On their train ride back to the groom's place, the couple were welcomed by the staff inside a carriage which had been specially decorated in red with Chinese characters spelling out the words “Double Happiness” for good luck, South China Morning Post reports.

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The amount of time it took for the couple to complete their journey isn't known and reports also say the couple didn't reveal why they made that choice.

However, their choice of colors for the traditional wedding outfit was applauded by passengers who had witnessed the unusual procession.

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