I am a student and I have been in a relationship of six years and things have not been going on fine between us. He started dating different girls when the relationship was just four years. We have been through a lot but with his new idea of dating and sleeping around with girls even older than him, I can't cope.

Few days back, I met a guy in my school who actually works there. He asked me out and we started dating. One the first day we had sex he said he really appreciate me giving him that and he will forever cherish it and he wants a real relationship with me.

The problem now is am in love with this new guy and am sacred of being used and dumped like the stories I have heard about him. Truly he made me know he sleeps around with girls and most times this girls are the ones flocking around him. I am so confused that I am sacred of loving him and my boyfriend of 6 years is on the verge of knowing what is going on.

I really want joy and a good man who will love me the same way I love him.


Dear reader,

You are not going to leave a player for a player and expect to get something different. If you are complaining about your boyfriend sleeping with women all over the place, then going to another self-confessed player will get you the same problems you have with your boyfriend. I don’t think you should even be considering this new guy.

Now to your boyfriend of six years, if he has suddenly begun to do these things and the relationship is not as happy as it used to be, it may be time to pack it up and move on. Whether it is difficult or not to do so is beside the point. You just have to break that relationship up as soon as possible. You need to allow yourself move on from that toxic cycle into something else.

When I say ‘something else’ here. I am talking about being by yourself until you are sure that the person you are going to be with is someone who deeply cares about you and wants to really love you as you should be loved.

Also you need to stop sleeping with other people when you are in a relationship. Your boyfriend is doing it and we can both agree how terrible he is for doing so while in a relationship with you. The same rule applies to you. It is not right to sleep with other people while in a relationship.

It is better to breakup the relationship and move on with your life. And that is what I advice you to do.


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