Dear Bukky,

Good evening! My boyfriend of 7 months now hardly texts or calls me like he did before we started dating.

He keeps talking about his fantasy of making love to me and he would really love that and I don’t want that.

We have poor communication skills. There is always nothing to talk about. Please any advice whether to continue or not. I really do love him.


Dear reader,

It is not enough to love him. As you can see, your love for him really does not mean much if communication and values do not align.

During the period before the relationship when he used to call, what did you guys use to talk about? How were you able to keep the communication interesting at that phase? That is what you should find out and try to bring back into the relationship!

Having said that, I think the communication in your relationship is suffering now because of the sexual desire from his side, and the resentment from your side. I think you should have asked at the beginning of the relationship if you both wanted the same thing when it comes to sex.

It’s however not too late now. If he wants sex and you don’t and this is negatively impacting the relationship, then obviously, you should let the relationship end.

I don’t see any reason why you should continue.


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