Knowing how to plan a wedding could be easy and hard at the same time, everyone wants the best from you and you just cant afford to mess up the most important day of your life.

The stress that comes with making sure everything goes right on your big day is enough to drive anyone insane.

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For brides and grooms-to-be who have no idea where to start from, here are a few ideas on how your wedding planning should go down:

1. Make the big engagement announcement to your family and friends:

If your proposal wasn't a big one, then you can announce your engagement. But it's okay to skip this part if your proposal was a really dramatic one with fireworks and all.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan:

The next step is to have long discussion with your future spouse and plan. Start with a suitable date for the wedding, what type of ceremony (civil, traditional, white or all three), the amount you wish to spend on your ceremony, amount of people you want on your train, the number of people you plan to invite and other necessary things like choice of venue, color themethe need to hire a wedding planner or not, your choice of honeymoon destination. You and your future spouse should reach an agreement concerning these things before reaching out to anyone. Don't forget to buy book in order to organise your plans well.

3. Pick your train and start hiring vendors:

After working out budget and other necessary things (it is very important to stick to your budget). It's now time to start with the pickings and hiring. This is time to pick your bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man, groomsmen, pageboy and flower girls. Hire a planner if you desire one, then go book your wedding date with whoever is going to officiate your wedding.

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4. Book a venue and continue hiring vendors:

If you are getting a wedding planner, the venue should be sorted out by both of you but if not, you can start searching for suitable venues depending on the number of people you'll be inviting. Hire a photographer and videographer (this is very important so you can tell them exactly what you want before hand), pick a caterer, wedding decorator, musician. Don't forget to add choice of transportation on your wedding.

5. Buy or sew a wedding gown/suit, shoes and accessories:

This is the time to pick a style you'll love to rock on your wedding. Listen to your heart closely and avoid distractions when choosing a bridal gown or a wedding suit. Also, remember to stick to your budget when purchasing your clothes, shoes and accessories, overspending may not help you in future.

6. Make wedding invitations, buy rings, conclude on honeymoon spot:

It's now time to make wedding invitations because by now you have picked a wedding date, venue, time of ceremony and color of the day. Don't forget to include descriptions to  the venue. It's also time to go shopping for your rings too, make sure you pick a style that suits you and your future partner, purchasing your ring now will give you time to resize fittings if there's any to be made. You can also go ahead and conclude where you'll love to go for your honeymoon.

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7. Hire a hair stylist and makeup artist:

For brides-to-be, scheduling ahead of time with your make-up artist and hair stylist give will you more time to decide on the kind of makeup and hair you'll want for your wedding.

8. Send out wedding invitations:

You first must have checked out your wedding invitation and decide if it's up to your taste. Then start sending them out to the people on your guest list. Also give the caterer the final head count of invited guests.

9. Meet with all your vendors again:

This is very important  in order to know if they have any questions you'll need to answer. Don't forget to meet with your baker for cake tasting so you can choose what you want for your wedding. Present your vendors with an event schedule so they'll know how your wedding should be and feel like.

10. Confirm your honeymoon spot, pick up clothes and marriage licence:

Your wedding is almost here and you mustn't forget to confirm your honeymoon destination. Also, pick your dress, suit and clothes to be worn by those on your train if you had them sewn by a designer. Make sure the fittings are right. Don't forget to pick up your marriage licence too.

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11. Assign duties and pack your bags for honeymoon:

There'll be lots of activities going happening at once on your big day, so it's important to assign duties to close friends and family members. Make sure they are capable of carrying out the tasks given to them so you don't get disappointed in the end. Also, pick out what you'll need for your honeymoon trip.

12. Relax, enjoy yourself and prepare for your big day:

Treat yourself to a day out at the spa, to compensate for the wedding stress, don't forget to keep in touch with your wedding planner if you have one, reach out to your vendors once again and confirm arrangements.

13. It's your wedding day:

Eat well, get enough sleep and have fun afterwards.

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