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How to effectively resolve relationship conflicts

January 16th 2022, 8:02:05 pm

Even the happiest couples fight sometimes; no matter how peaceful your relationship is, there are times when you both cant seem to agree on certain things.

How to effectively resolve relationship conflicts

When your partner isn't listening to you, it can feel frustrating. Unfortunately, many couples make the mistake of constantly talking over each other instead of talking to each other during conflict. But effective communication is not about who can yell the most; it's about amicably resolving the conflict. Below are some ways you can quickly settle relationship conflicts without creating a rift between you and your partner.

1. Don't yell

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Partners that have mastered the art of communication tend to have more trust. For example, when things get heated in an argument, it can be challenging to keep your cool, but when you master this difficult skill, you'll be able to settle more conflicts in a friendly manner.

Not only does yelling not allow you to listen to your partner, but it can also hurt your partner, especially if you resolve to name-calling. Clear communication is the secret of healthy relationships, so pause and reevaluate before speaking the next time you find yourself yelling in an argument.

2. Learn to listen

Listening is crucial in conflict resolution because it helps you find the right answers. So, when your partner is talking, please don't get defensive; let them finish expressing their feelings and give the appropriate response based on what you listened to.

Other things you should do while listening is to maintain eye contact so your partner knows you're completely focused on them and avoid being distracted by your phone, Tv, or any other gadgets.

3. Bring up differences at the right time

When your partner is already in a bad mood, bringing up arguments would only escalate their anger, and as a result, they won't be able to think straight, or they might even say some things they don't mean. Conflict resolution will go smoothly if your spouse is alert and in a happy state. Avoid bringing up differences when your spouse is stressed, hungry, tired, or angry.


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