It is both embarrassing and disrespectful to have a partner who is in everyone’s DMs, being too friendly and borderline [or outrightly] thirsty.

If you find yourself in this situation where your partner continually gets too close and regularly exhibits friendliness with the opposite sex in a way that makes you feel really uncomfortable, here are ways to deal with it:

1. Talk about it

This is the obvious first thing to do. And it can never be outdated or too cliché to talk to a partner about what bothers you. If he’s being too chummy with females, and if she is being too close for comfort with other men and it doesn’t sit well with you, best point it out.

Sometimes, things like that don’t mean anything to certain people. They might innocently be going about those flirty actions. It’s odd but it’s true. So you better make sure to let him or know that what’s nothing to them, actually ‘bothers’ the hell out of you.

You have to always use your sense. Always. [Credit - Giphy]
You have to always use your sense. Always. [Credit - Giphy]

2. Set rules

And if you already have rules set, you may want to reinforce them and let them know you are serious about those boundaries.

Don’t hesitate to put your foot down.

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3. Get flirty too?

It is often said that two wrongs don’t make a right but maybe this one time, we can make an exception.

Maybe if you did the same flirty things with someone else and it hurt them, you could use that to explain to them how they make you feel when they incessantly, regularly flirt with people of the opposite sex despite your complaints.

Sounds like an extreme measure but then, it just might get the job done for you!

It may take a little time and you should let them have that. (Credit - Celebzmagazine)
It may take a little time and you should let them have that. (Credit - Celebzmagazine)

4. Don’t expect him to change overnight

Changes take time, and you should be fair enough to allow your partner some time to rid themselves of that tendency.

5. Move on

If you hate how much he or she flirts and it looks like nothing is going to be done about it, it may be wise to call it quits with such partner.

It’s not an extreme measure to take if that partner has shown over time that they are not going to take your feelings into consideration or that they are going to keep acting like they are single and out here looking to mingle.

Well, since that is what their actions suggest they want, you might as well take the highway and make their dream come true.