We are in a changed landscape where relationships are seen more as temporary alliances than steps towards a lifetime of togetherness.

Commitment is becoming increasingly hard to find, loyalty and faithfulness are even scarcer and the idea of falling in love – truly, deeply and completely – has never been scarier.

You are left wondering if this is the real deal, if he/she is the right one… you fear that they might be like the previous people you’ve once been with, if they would rip your heart out and remorselessly trample on it as someone has previously done.

Here’s a fun fact for you; true love still exists. Heck, it might not be even be as far-fetched as we all think it is.

There are guys and girls like you waiting to meet people with good heart like yours, and when you do meet them, here are the two things that will determine whether a relationship with them will fail or flourish.

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1: The connection feels different

If you have been waiting a long time to find 'the one' or if you are type who desires something real and permanent, you might be tempted to sacrifice security for chemistry and that is a very bad idea.

How does the connection between you and this person feel?

Maybe love at first sight is not something many people believe in, but you can’t doubt that attraction at first sight is real and that is what you need to look for, according to Jenna Birch, a freelance relationship journalist.

2: You get better

Jenna also believes that the “relationships that survive and thrive are usually ones attuned toward growth. The right person helps you accomplish, discover, do, and understand more than you ever would have on your own.”

And she has a very valid point there.

When you consider the fact that partners are supposed to assist each other, to help each other in all ways possible, it becomes obvious that lovers who pay attention to just themselves are more likely to fail in their relationships than flourish.