Pre-wedding pictures have firmly become part of the modern wedding culture, and many cannot imagine planning for a wedding without some.

While there are few people who see these pictures as an unnecessary frivolity, it hasn’t stopped its popularity among brides and wedding planners, and there have been loads and loads of breath-taking pictures which convinces us that the trend should not stop yet.

On March 10, 2017 however, a twitter user shared a picture which reminds us that in the midst of the admired, well-thought and executed pre-wedding photos we see around us, there are some which are not quite as brilliant as we’ve come to expect pre-wedding pictures to be.

For some reason best known to the photographer and couple in that picture, the bride chose to wrap her mouth around a full cucumber in a sexually-suggestive manner, while the groom had his mouth buried in a slice of water-melon in an equally-suggestive manner, too.

Understandably, there is a need for creativity in taking pre-wedding pictures as these things are rated for the newness of the ideas behind them, as well as their aesthetic value.

However, whatever good intentions this couple had when taking that picture did not come out right, and though I oddly found it friggin’ hilarious [really, that might be what they actually intended], the point remains that if this was a game of hit and miss, this photographer/couple [whoever suggested the idea] missed by a long, long distance.

This terrible photo is a good lesson in what you never consider doing when planning your pre-wedding pictures.